So many people ask me..why don’t you do just parties? Why don’t you just entertain on the weekends, that would be enough?

I have considered this so many times. It is so easy to focus on just parties. Just on weekends. After all I love dressing up (my costume wardrobe alone says that!) and I love the look on the child’s face when you walk in and they are SO excited to see you. I love chatting on the phone to the child telling them I’m coming, or the moment I walk through the door and they didn’t know I was making a special appearance on their special day.

I LOVE parties. I love entertaining & surprising the birthday child. The laughter, the fun, the excitement, the children’s faces, the games. Let’s be honest, kids are awesome and I have the best job in the world! In fact as I write this I am anticipating the party I am about to go into, the moment I transform into a character and get to chat to the kids and their parents. Parties are such an incredible privilege and I love working with the kids to not only entertain but encourage and educate them.

But there is so much more you can teach than just an hour and a half to two hours of entertainment. Which is why I love our school holiday workshops! I have the incredible privilege of taking all my years of experience and knowledge into a smaller space, spending the one-on-one time with the kids, and in a smaller environment being able to see the gold in them, and hearing their dreams. I love encouraging them to do and be more.

Recently we did a musical theatre workshop at Menai and it was SUCH a blast! The kids learnt about vocal and microphone technique, they danced and sung, we played music and drama games and I saw children gain so much more confidence and stature just by being together learning from us and each other. They said their favourite part was getting to act and having their own special part in the play. They also loved singing on the microphones & performing in front of all the parents at the end. I loved the moments of sitting down with the kids and encouraging them as they sang in front of the group. I went home beaming and I know they did too!

So while I love entertaining to large groups, sometimes these small more intimate groups are such a great chance to impart knowledge and experience to these kids too, and that is why I do them!

Anyway, Elsa had better get to the party! Woo hoo! 🙂


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