I’ve always loved entertaining. Whether it be from the living room of my house as a kid growing up, entertaining the kids while I’m babysitting, or dreaming about having a carnival in our street (mum quickly reminded me about insurance, bringing me back to reality). 

I always loved performing, and bringing children joy is the highlight of my week. So when there was an opportunity to join a Kids Entertainer Academy, interacting with entertainers from around the world, listening to podcasts about how to be a great entertainer and how to advance my skills, I very quickly took it on board. I have been part of the academy for years building my skills in entertaining from crowd control to up-skilling, it’s been incredible. 

But then came the…


Say what? Sounds challenging.

Yes..and outsiders don’t know the half of it.

This is not your ordinary program. 

A 12 week program that gets to the core of who you are, not just as an entertainer but personally. This has taken the form of daily videos which have stretched me as an entertainer, but also personally as well. We’ve spent the last week looking at 4 Core habits that make a person successful in their lives. 

Balance, Being, Business and Body. 

Balance- relationships, connection, social

Being- quiet time, reflection, journaling 

Business- learning something new everyday and then teaching someone else 

Body- everyday to sweat and consume a green smoothie, active healthy lifestyle.

So as you can imagine for someone who isn’t a fan of routine and struggles with discipline (can I hear an amen!) this is a big ask. But for the last week I’ve been doing just that. Coping. As long as I have a strategy I know I will be ok. Day by day. Daily habits. No procrastinating because I really. Have. No. Choice. I have to succeed. I have to challenge myself. 

How do I respond when someone reacts negatively to me? I wish I could say that I celebrate or use it to grow. Eventually I do. And I am learning that negative responses are the perfect recipe for change. However it doesn’t feel like it at the time. I’m slowly learning that I am not everyone’s cup of tea and that. is. ok.

Is it?

The thought of not feeling good enough.
That I will never be good enough.
That despite my best efforts someone will always do it better.

Not the point right?

I put smiles on kids faces every party. I have kids buzzing before and after every workshop. The excitement, the anticipation, the performances, the surprises.

Do I focus on them? Unfortunately my default is to see the places where I fall. I get feedback on every form. 90% of the form is positive, but I ask for the improvements, I ask for the places to grow.

I’m a sucker like that.

Because I want to be better. I always want to be better. Even if I feel like I’m failing when people don’t respond to emails or texts or they don’t rebook for whatever reason, I need to get back up again. Because that’s what being an entertainer looks like. And I have to keep going even if it’s hard.

So I will keep doing this journey. I will keep getting back up again because it matters. And because there is nowhere else I would rather be.

More development to come as I map out my journey.. Hope you can do it with me 🙂

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