Wow, what a challenge it’s been. I can’t believe that this creative you-can’t-stick-me-in-a-box, I-hate-routine kids entertainer has a consistent flow of daily activities in which I partake in. Completing the 8 daily tasks has seen me have green smoothies, daily “sweats,” reaching out to more people, learning new things about business and teaching someone else, lots of journalling and music times of calm “meditation.”

I’ve learnt so many things:

  • Life is better done in community with accountability
  • Do things first thing in the morning so that it doesn’t drag out the rest of the day
  • Starting the day well often ends with a productive day
  • There’s always balance, sometimes it just looks different to other times
  • If you are pursuing your dreams, you are 1% of the population that is and to be encouraged in that. 1% off your goal you can be 365% off by the end of the year, taking you away from what you want to be doing. But the opposite is also true..that you can be 365% closer to where you want to be.
  • Even 5 minutes less per day on social media can mean 35 minutes extra per week on achieving your goals or up-skilling yourself.

I feel a shift has happened, not only in business but in my life personally. I can’t believe there’s only a month left! If you want to know what else I learned, feel free to get in contact 🙂

Here’s to the month to go 🍸

Until next time,


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