Holiday Workshops & Classes 


Last holidays saw a host of different fun, experiential, Rockstar and Musical Theatre workshops, children being the stars of the show.  

We were joined by children in the NDIS space, who felt comfortable enough to join for a session or two of our Music Mastery workshop, loving putting on the crazy costumes, dancing, playing musical instruments for our Free For All session, singing along to their favourite music on microphones, and performing in front of their peers and families.

In our Musical Theatre workshop, we did a special script talking about things that children struggle with: societal pressure, feeling good enough, comparisons etc, with a performance at the end for their families and friends. The workshops had kids buzzing before and after and we loved meeting new friends. 

And what’s coming up? Rockstar For a Day! Musical Theatre Workshop, followed by an exciting Recording opportunity!

We are excited to be running both a Musical Theatre Workshop, followed by a studio recording sesh(!)  on the 7th July.  Children will enjoy a range of different interactive games and activities whilst working on short performances, and then go on to feeling like a Rockstar as they record a song! Red carpet, hairspray, new fun improvisation games and activities to have them buzzing!

In the morning children will have the opportunity to learn some performance and projection techniques, acting out their small yet imaginative scripts, as well as meet some new friends along the way. We may even have time to do one of their favourites…dress up and sing on microphones!

Recording Workshop

Always wanted to learn about the recording studio and how the stars sound so good?

Children will enjoy learning about the different microphones and pop filters used, vocal technique taught by Singer-Songwriter Lauren Ann, while professional Audio Engineer and lecturer Mark Parris comes into show them how to record a popular song!

They will have a blast learning how the stars do what they do and how best to draw out the best in their voice, blending well with others. Being in the afternoon, some of the older children will love to join us after they’ve had that much needed sleep in! This workshop will run from 1-4pm. 

Cost: For the half day Musical Theatre Workshop is $50, $90 for the half day Recording workshop or if wanting to stay for the full day, both workshops will cost $140. 

Children are welcome to come for the half day or join us for the whole Rockstar For a Day! 

NDIS and Creative Kids vouchers are accepted. 

Rockstar Afternoons

Have a child that loves performing? Getting to learn new and creative ways of stepping out of their comfort zone all whilst having fun!

Rockstar Afternoons is a mixture of drama, music and performance based skills that will allow children to grow in their creativity. Children will be encouraged in their self-esteem, confidence and helping them prepare for speeches for school. We have welcomed children with varying disabilities over the last few terms and all children have been very welcoming.  

Rockstar Afternoons is a fully inclusive environment and we welcome children from all ages and abilities to come and join us. 

Classes are held at Menai Guides Hall, 69 Pyree St, Bangor. Thursday Afternoons from 4:30-5:30pm. NDIS and Creative Kids vouchers are accepted. Prices are $210 for the term where a 10 week term is running. 

Musical Theatre fun

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