Rainbow Backpack Series 

Primary lessons for Primary children  

It started with a story. My story.

And we are quickly realising it’s the story of thousands of young Australians. 

We call it an identity crisis of the 21st century. Children (and many adults really) don’t know who they are. 

And as a result they bully. And as a result they fight. And as a result the tall poppy syndrome once again appears, leaving children feeling like they are not good enough and have something to prove, resulting in adults not feeling like they’re good enough.  

I don’t know about you but that’s been my fight, having a sense of belonging, and knowing I am good enough. I am learning in my mid 30’s what I could have learnt as a child. We didn’t know then what we know now. Teaching children these lessons is such a privilege. I’m glad that we get to be a part of a small part of their journey.

I am a Bachelor of Music graduate, Vocal Coach and Singer-Songwriter so I love combining my love of music and children together! Performing is something that I am super passionate about, but also something that hasn’t been the easiest journey so sharing my experience for the kids can sometimes be life changing for them. 

Yazzie the Bright Yellow Backpack and her friend Ollie the Orange started in Sydney in April 2019 and have been venturing their way around Australia’s vacation care centres. We are looking forward to releasing our 7 week series into primary schools mid 2021.   


This program is run in accordance with the Primary PDHPE and Creative Arts syllabus and MTOP learning outcomes. It incorporates character puppets, stories and creative team building activities, music, drama and storytelling. Coupled with the book and puppets is a theme, which is built upon each week, building repetition and teaching children practical examples to follow in their everyday lives.

Main topics discussed in the program are:


The foundation of our program is the discovery of their worth, value and self-esteem, which intertwines throughout the 7 weeks.


Personal, physical and emotional boundaries are so important in teaching children about respecting others. The increase in bullying is sometimes due to a lack of identity and boundaries.

Healthy Emotions

Regulating healthy emotions, and knowing how to deal with them as they come up is of vital importance to assist in children building healthy relationships with others.

Healthy Relationships

Healthy communication with others makes a big difference to the health of a child, in particular their mental health.

Integrity and character

Our characters teach children about taking responsibility for their actions, and how important having integrity and character is.

Find your Unique Strengths

Our character teaches children about envy and comparisons, finding your own unique strengths and abilities.


Tying the whole program together, seeing children receive freedom.

Objectives according to the PDHPE and Creative Arts K-10 Curriculum:

  1. Children through the sessions have opportunity to enhance their own and others’ health, safety, wellbeing and participation in physical and creative arts activities. Students develop self-management, interpersonal and movement skills to become empowered, self-confident and socially responsible citizens. Combined with practical examples they will not only build skills in the performing arts, but build their social skills as well. Children of all ages will really connect with all the characters stories, putting themselves in the characters’ shoes. Whether they are the bully or the one being bullied, whether they are struggling with anxiety and depression, self-esteem, lacking in confidence or just trying to fit in, they will love this encouraging, educational, engaging and entertaining Rainbow Backpack self-development series.

  2. Children are encouraged in their creativity, working together in teams and individually.

  3. Children build resilience and strength throughout the program.

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