Backpack School Series 

The Rainbow Backpack School Series is a 7-8 week program aimed at supporting healthy emotional development, resilience and self-identity in the lives of primary-aged children. It has been developed in accordance with the Primary PDHPE and Creative Arts syllabus and My Time, Our Place Framework for optimal learning outcomes.-Follow the stories of Yazzie, Ollie and their friends, provoking thoughts and feelings around topics such as identity and self esteem, boundaries, healthy emotions, healthy communication and social skills, integrity, and inclusion, with an anti-bullying message throughout.

Through creative team-building activities, music, role plays, storytelling using the backpacks and worksheets, children will gain insight and a deeper understanding of related issues and practical coping strategies equipping them with resilience skills.


Over the 7-weeks, children will gain insight into their own values ultimately leading to a better understanding of self-worth and identity. 


We will be exploring relationships and how we communicate and connect with others on a real level. Choosing friendships that bring out the best in us means we bring out the best in them also. Learning this at a young age means we are more likely going to establish and maintain strong healthy relationships as adults.


Learning about creating and setting personal, physical and emotional boundaries will enable children to communicate their needs with others so they are better able to establish, develop and maintain healthy respectful relationships.

Integrity & Character

Going through life with integrity and strong character means being able to do things that are hard but good for us and good for the greater good. Decision making focuses on the outcome rather than the experience. Where children are better able to make good choices, they will feel empowered with a strong sense of integrity and pride in who they are within their core.


Self-regulation is a pivotal foundation for developing emotional maturity. Kids will be given tools to use as building blocks so they are better able to adapt and prevail in a world where they will be challenged. 


Awareness of our strengths means knowing what sets us apart from others. It allows us to feel confident in our own abilities and gives us purpose which is why our workshop incorporates a focus on exploring, discovering and owning our strengths.


Real freedom is in knowing our self-worth, and having emotional maturity and integrity so that we can experience a life we are proud of. 

Meet Yazzie (Yellow), Ollie (Orange) Bobbie (Blue), Gerbert (Green) Raven (Red), Pearl (Pink) and Porsha (Purple).

Since 2019, they have been travelling to schools, chatting with kids all around Australia, and never empty-handed, I mean never empty-backpacked.

They bring stories, games and activities packed with learning through fun to stimulate and shape growing minds in hope that they will aspire to become the best version of themselves. Over the weeks, children will explore their own values, relationships, and strengths ultimately adopting positive perceptions of themselves. 

Invite the


Backpack gang to your place

To book Yazzie (Yello), Ollie (Orange) and their friends for a visit at your school, reach out to have a chat with us.

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