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This is Lollipop and I outside one of our vacation care centres in QLD. We sure do have fun encouraging the kids!

Hi! My names Lauren, Bachelor of Music graduate, singer songwriter, children’s entertainer extraordinaire and vocal coach.

When I was a child my teacher said I was a mouse. I was so super quiet, too shy to say much. A sensitive little soul.

But one day this mouse turned into a lion! I was sick of hiding in the shadows.

It started with the South West Debating team, then public speaking, then drama and singing classes. Battling with confidence and self esteem but pushing through despite being red faced, and embarrassed.

I would spend hours singing into my hairbrush along to Mariah Carey’s album. Hero was my favourite. It was all over when I got a keyboard! Then the shows were all on! Comedy shows including what the audience was meant to do, skits, singing, dancing… I loved to perform. Any chance I got, I was on the stage: whether that platform was merely a set up in our very own lounge room at home or at school in drama class, I loved to sing, dance and act.

Through life’s circumstances I lost that childhood confidence, whether it be the kids at school or people around me, but I somehow lost my voice. I never felt that I was good enough, and didn’t want to try for the fear of failing.   

I was told to “be quiet” and to “try and “fit in.” 

How can you fit in when you were always born to stand out?  

I thought I couldn’t sing. I thought I was just a misfit that would never find her sense of belonging. What I realised many years later was that I was a creative that just needed nurturing and encouragement. My inner artist/creative just needed space to create!

I have been running Make me a ROCKSTAR since 2011, starting with just Rockstar parties and then branching off into different characters, school holiday workshops, visiting pre-schools and schools, doing shows, working with children with special needs, discos, vocal tuition and recording parties and packages. And this is just the start of what we are going to do in the future, especially with our Rainbow Backpack series.

It is such an honour to inspire children to break out of their shell and be everything they are called to be. I have a voice and so do these kids. I love being one answer to their millions of soul searching questions. I love standing in the gap for those kids that just need someone to believe in them. I love being a mentor, voice coach & encouragement to them. I love that I get to draw out their inner voice, creativity and confidence, and to show them they are indeed believed in! So if you know a child who loves to perform or is just a little bit shy like I was, I would love to chat to you! Call, email or fill in the below form and we can chat! 🙂

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