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Kids always answer this question in the same way. 

‘What do you wanna be when you grow up?”  

You might expect that you will get lots of options and different answers from kids for this question, right?  


In the last few years now, kids I talk with answer this question in this ONE way:  


That’s what they are into. They all want to be Rock Stars.  

I am guessing they get the idea for that from the MANY TV Shows that are reality TV or singing contests, or just from having a phone with a camera on them at all times. They know how to pose for selfies better than I do, and I am an adult!  

But how do you empower a kid if all they want is to be famous…   

Can you give them a present of 100 extra followers on Instagram? How about more likes on their posts?  

“Hey Indi! For your 8th birthday I got you 10 new Facebook friends!”   

So instead of fighting this trend… we have created a really cool EXPERIENCE for them.  

That helps them FEEL FAMOUS and be a star.  

 And this is the EXPERIENCE they receive with Make me a Rockstar. Singing, dancing, drama, storytelling, games and activities centred around themes such as confidence, self esteem, creativity, and practical exercises to teach them about their voice, and how to be a ROCKSTAR!

From 1.5 hours to a full day we will have them ROCKING out just like they’re famous!

Check out our programs… 


  • Develop creativity, performance, improvisation and communication skills
  • Improve and build confidence and self esteem
  • Learn how to work together as a team and individually
  • Encourage positive social and life skills
  • Encourage peer interaction 


My Time Our Place Framework

I love the power of music, and that I get to invest into the next generation of amazing Rockstars! I too was a little Rockstar..a bit shy in primary school, and came gloriously out of my shell in high school.. although I still lacked the confidence in myself for many years after.

Whether they love to sing, dance, act, shy away from or love the spotlight, they will LOVE our encouraging, entertaining & educational School Holiday workshops and term programs. And you will love it too, because they follow the MTOP framework too.

  • OUTCOME 1: Children have a strong sense of identity
    – Children engage in activities that allow them to express themselves creatively and with curiosity, building their skills in the performing arts, resulting in more confidence and self-esteem
    – An environment that fosters fun and encouragement, leading to holistic emotional well-being and resilience
    – Children are part of the decision making process, contributing to their own learning and those of their peers. They are able to openly express their feelings and ideas in their interactions with others, and respond appropriately to the ideas of others
    – Children engage with a talk on anti-bullying, the puppets teaching children about confidence, self-esteem and how to treat others. Children develop a sense of belonging as they interact with the story, seeing themselves as the characters in the story. They develop a well-rounded view of the world and how others and themselves are perceived
    – Children build healthy relationships with their peers and educators through team-building activities
    – Children are encouraged in stepping outside of their comfort zone, doing activities that stretch them. Every child is encouraged to participate whether it be performing on a microphone, taking photos/videos, being a DJ and assisting with the music or being a helper during the performance process, increasing their leadership skills.
    – Children are able to confidently explore and engage with social and physical environments, working collaboratively with others
    – Children are encouraged to persist when faced with challenges and when first attempts are not successful. They are encouraged to show interest in others, and work together as part of a group.
  • OUTCOME 2: Children are connected with and contribute to their world
    – Children are encouraged to cooperate with others, negotiating roles and relationships during the workshop
    – Children build on their own social experiences to explore other ways of being
    – Children learn to ‘read’ the behaviours of others and respond appropriately
    – Children are encouraged to foster an environment of positivity, listening to others suggestions and working together
    – Through storytelling the children learn about acceptance of others’ cultures and ideas, developing their understanding about diversity and inclusivity
    – Children are encouraged in recycling as they are shown the banner and guitar making activities
  • OUTCOME 3: Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
    – Children are encouraged to work in teams, building trust and confidence. They are also encouraged to celebrate the performances of their peers, and even staff. Children are encouraged not to compare themselves with others, but rather celebrate their own efforts or achievements even if they might not feel so confident at the beginning. They are endorsed in managing their emotions and being able to care for the needs of others
    – Developing fine and gross motor skills through performing arts activities, movement and play
  • OUTCOME 4: Children are confident and involved learners
    – A variety of play experiences allow children to gain confidence and skills in the performing arts. They are encouraged to freely follow and extend their own interests with enthusiasm, curiosity, energy and concentration
    – Children are encouraged to investigate, imagine and explore ideas, even if they are out of their comfort zone
    – Children are given the opportunity to initiate and lead activities and experiences
    – Some children are shown how to use the equipment and music, gaining in skills in technology. All children are taught about using the microphones and equipment correctly and to it’s best capability. Children are encouraged to ask questions around the system
  • OUTCOME 5: Children are effective communicators
    – Children are encouraged throughout the workshop to engage in conversations with others, working well together using verbal and non-verbal communication
    – Children interact with others to explore ideas and concepts, clarify ad challenge thinking, debate, negotiate and share new understandings. Children are able to express needs, develop conflict resolution skills and be able to follow directions
    – Children enjoy stories, lyrics and different styles of music, discussing their likes and dislikes with others
    – Children are able to express meaning using photography, dance, drama and music
    – Children are encouraged in banner and guitar making art and craft skills 

Looking for Documentation? 

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School Holiday Workshops


RockStar Workshop

Do you have children at your centre that love dazzling everyone with their singing skills and creativity? 

They will love the Rockstar workshop!

Children will gain confidence, building their self-esteem through story-telling and performance skills. This workshop is great for all ages, and engages many of the children, even the ones that are really shy and don’t like performing as they become DJ, photographer, head up the banner/guitar making or be our host for the show.

  •   Vocal technique 
  • Storytelling with puppets speaking on confidence and self-esteem
  • Rockstar tips and tricks/vocal health
  • Microphone technique
  • Dress-ups
  • Singing on microphones
  • Fun games and activities including decorating guitars/banner making
  • Music quizzes
  • All audio and sound equipment provided

Investment: From $10 per child  

RockStar “Free For All” Workshop: NEW

Do your children love getting creative with instruments?

Make me a Rockstar are introducing an extra hour addition to our Rockstar workshop in Spring holidays! Children will muck around with old beaten up instruments, and use random objects to creatively make their own sounds.. the only catch? They must never have played it before!

Children will have fun making noise as they collaboratively work in small groups. This workshop is fun for both children, and even the educators to get involved. 

Investment: Extra $100 for the hour at the end or can be a full day workshop if preferable for $10 per head

Dramatic Arts Workshop

Do you have a budding actor in your centre? Do you feel like the children could work better together? Would they benefit from learning skills in the performing arts?

 As well as getting their hair sprayed and exploring using balloons, the children will love the Dramatic Arts workshop, gaining skills in improvisation, character building, staging, blocking and more. This workshop is great for getting children to work better together, building trust and resilience. Storytelling, script interpretation and skits is just the start!

  • Drama and improvisation activities
  • Dancing
  • Voice projection
  • Balloons
  • Coloured hairspray
  • Confidence and team building group activities
  • Dress-ups
  • Fun games and activities

 Investment: From $12 per child 

Movie Workshop

Looking for a full day workshop? Check out our Movie workshop, where the children will act in front of the green screen, turning the footage into a film for them to watch after. Children will be given the opportunity to act in groups, watch the editing process, be part of a special effects video clip and learn how to bring everything together at the end. This particular workshop is aimed at Learning outcome 5, touching on Learning Outcomes 4.

  • Green screen
  • Lights
  • Special effects
  • Video editing
  • Acting skills
  • Dancing
  • Dress-ups
  • Link to the performance after the workshop

When booking this workshop please ensure children don’t wear green on the day as they will look invisible 😉 

Investment: $20 per child, minimum $880 for the day

Media Workshop

If the kids at your centre have ever wanted to be in a movie or make a movie, they will love the Music and Media special effects workshop.

Children will be given the opportunity to dance in groups, explore the green screen, watch the editing process and be part of a special effects video clip, learning how the famous filmmakers do it. 

Gain confidence, learn about media and special effects while having fun!

  • Green screen
  • Special effects
  • Video editing
  • Music and performance
  • Dancing
  • Link to the performance after the workshop

Investment: From $14 per child


Term Weekly Workshops

RockStar Afternoons  

If your centre is looking for a weekly program to engage your kids and get them working better together, you can’t go past Make me a ROCKSTAR’s Rockstar Afternoons program. 

Singing, dancing, and drama, with activities around performing arts, the children will gain confidence and self-esteem while having fun with their friends.. and bonus! You get that paperwork done that you’ve been wanting to get finished! Let us do the entertaining and it’s less organising for you! Plus it lines up with the learning outcomes as well.   

To enquire or book fill in the form below, I would be happy to help.



Musical Theatre Afternoons

If looking for a more serious skill-based program, our Musical Theatre Afternoons might be just the one for your centre. The children will love the performance at the end of the term!

The children will learn skills in drama, movement, and voice projection, improvisation, as well as script writing, character building/role playing.

Previous themes have included  our very own versions of “The Greatest Showman,” Willy Wonka and the Hummus Factory and “The Lion King”.

Enquire using the form below,  we’re always happy to chat!



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