So I started this journey a week ago. Feels like a lifetime. 

Not in a bad way. 

It’s just one of those mind=blown things.

You now when someone tells you something but it doesn’t quite sink in. Sometimes you have to hear something a number of times. And then the..

Lightbulb moment.

When you realise that your triggers, the things that cause a reaction, aren’t healthy. When you see that maybe as you tell children it’s time to “stop, think and choose” that maybe you have to have some of your own medicine.

And so I’ve been doing that as I experience the triggers of my week. A child not listening. Feeling disrespected. Feeling misunderstood. Being criticised. Negative feedback. Fears of abandonment and rejection that surface every now and then. 

An unreturned email causes fear.

A letter in the mailbox evokes it too.

Not letting the little things affect me. Not letting what someone says ruin your day.

“I’ll get there” I say.

I had a handle on the program. Sure it was digging deep but I’ve got my shovel out. I can handle this. I think. It’s challenging but I’m determined.

And then the cruncher.

The surprise.

The bomb shell.

A new challenge.

A different challenge than adding 30% more greens to my smoothie or making this ADHD brain stop for a little while.

2k In 2 weeks.

Say what?

Rewind that video.

Did he just say I need to figure out a way to get $2000 in 2 weeks?

The “that’s impossible” part of my brain wanted to scoff at the idea. But the grunt in me wanted to try. Why not?

So I set about making lists. With the help of my trusty side-kick Loren we somehow formed a semi-manageable list of things we could do.

  • Elsa would visit our local beach and make balloon animals and swords with people giving donations of any kind.

I not only surprised the little ones but I made the day of a 16 year olds birthday who had travelled all the way from Katoomba to come to the beach. She loved being serenaded to and they all knew all the words!

  • We would organise a community disco with glow sticks, coloured hairspray, making microphones, lucky dip prizes, food, drink and a fun afternoon for the kids.

This is yet to happen on the 12th October but we are looking forward to it.

I listed the options. Everything in me wanted to run away. This is too hard.

But why not? Once I stayed dressed in my fairy costume while going into Apple as a fairy, and it’s one of the highlights of my year this year. Check it out Here..

So why not this? Why not reach for the stars?

Why not attempt to do the impossible? Why not live life on the edge and take a chance.

And maybe just maybe in our mastermind in a weeks time I too can report that I did it.

I won over the negative Nancy and the impossible Ingrid in my head.

I gave something a try and even if I fail I will still dare greatly. 

And I will keep doing it with a smile because it’s so worth seeing the smiles that I get to put on children’s faces all around the Shire.

Hope to see you on the 12th 🙂

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