Do you love getting creative? Check this out!

How do you stay creatively motivated?

Now, before you say, “I’m not creative!” and dismiss your unique set of amazing skills, let’s have a look at this…

Do you come up with different solutions?
When you see something that needs doing, do you find different ways of doing it?
Do you take photos with different filters/backgrounds?
Do you do dress-ups with your kids, and encourage their imagination?

It’s more than just art and craft, singing, dancing, pottery, beading, weaving, making blankets and “creating stuff.”

Creativity is also finding different solutions to problems that other people don’t think of.

It’s rearranging a room, or some flowers.

It’s anything from creating something from nothing, copying something that exists, or fixing up something to make it look like something else.

So that’s my purpose today, if there is nothing else you take from this blog. YOU ARE CREATIVE!
Every person is creative and you can flourish through creativity. 

So after all of that, getting rid of any mindsets you have around Creativity… lets check this out! How DO we stay creative?

If you’re anything like me, you can find the initial stages of your ideas super exciting… but it’s the motivation in the middle that’s the hardest part!

However, through my own creative journey, I’ve found some things that really worked for me.

Visualise the end goal:

Firstly, when you’re working on something that doesn’t exist yet, I find it really helps to be able to visualise the end goal. So for every creative endeavour I want to create, I make a poster with a collage of photos and a brief story summary, and put it up on my creative office wall. It’s a fun, creative way to connect with the end result, to see what you’re working towards.

Remember your why:

I’ve also created other wall posters reminding me WHY it’s important to me. I’ve written down my values, the lifestyle I want to live, and the kind of person I want to be. I believe that bringing inspiration, love and beauty to the world through my creativity is a key foundation of my identity, and remembering this really fuels my energy.

Break it down:

Finally, I always encourage creatives to think in terms of ‘projects’ – focusing on producing an event, an album, a collection, a product or service. This gives vague dreams a tangible finish line to focus on. And it means you can break the process down into steps. I also find it motivating to create checklists for these steps, so I can celebrate milestones along the way, like chapters drafted or songs written.

Staying focused on the goal; remembering why I started; and having a clear step-by-step plan have enabled me to build a fulfilling creative life, where I can truly say I’m on track for my dreams.

My hope is that you’re able to say the same, because the world needs more Creatives and smiles! It makes the world a better place after all 🙂

This post was inspired by Vicki from Creatives on Purpose who runs inspirational creative courses.

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