Rainbow Backpack Series 

Yazzie the Bright Yellow Backpack and her friend Ollie the Orange started in Sydney in April 2019 and are venturing their way around Australia with an encouraging and engaging story.

It tells Lauren (the CEO’s) story of her time growing up, being bullied for having an accent and being different. She was told she was too loud and bright, just too smiley and different to everyone else because she was from another country. Here is what she says…

“It is always hard moving from a different country and trying to fit in with your peers. I used to sing all the time, and being told to “be quiet” made me think I couldn’t sing, and that I didn’t have a voice. People couldn’t understand why I was so happy. I used to have a bright yellow backpack, and one of the children at school used to dirty it. It almost became a representation of my time at school, trying to shine my light and then bullied for it. It has taken a long time to realise that it was just people’s opinions, and that I can just be myself, even if I am super bright and happy. I love drawing out the childrens’ creativity, but also building up their confidence and self-esteem in the process.

I am a Bachelor of Music graduate, Vocal Coach and Singer-Songwriter so I love combining my love of music and children together! Performing is something that I am super passionate about, but also something that hasn’t been the easiest journey so sharing my experience for the kids can sometimes be life changing for them.

In developing the Rainbow Backpack series I truely came alive in finding my purpose. I really struggled at school and I know many of the children we’ve met are also the same. Teaching them these values and life skills I only learnt at a much later stage in life is so important and I am so privileged to be even just a small part of their journey.

The program is run using the character puppets, stories and creative team building activities, incorporating music, drama and storytelling. Coupled with the book and puppets each week is a theme, which is matched with the school PDHPE and Creative Arts syllabus and MTOP learning outcomes.
Main topics discussed in the program are:

      • Identity
      • Boundaries
      • Healthy emotions
      • Healthy friendships/anti-bullying
      • Good communication
      • Respecting others
      • Having empathy
      • Integrity and character
      • Finding strengths
      • Building resilience
      • Freedom

        Children are encouraged in their creativity, working together in teams and individually. Combined with practical examples they will not only build skills in the performing arts, but build their social skills as well. Children of all ages will really connect with all the characters stories, putting themselves in the characters’ shoes. Whether they are the bully or the one being bullied, whether they are struggling with anxiety and depression, self-esteem, lacking in confidence or just trying to fit in, they will love this encouraging, educational, engaging and entertaining Rainbow Backpack self-development series.
        For more information get in contact with us below. We would love to meet you!

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