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Make Me a Rockstar Celebrates 11 Years with a New Creative Project

There have been giggles, songs, raucous laughter, wardrobe malfunctions, creative solutions, fun, plays, major productions, theatre performances, bright gold light up shoes, and even tears (mostly thankfully from laughter) along the way and after years of helping many children celebrate their birthdays, Make me a Rockstar has celebrated a birthday too.

“It has been such an exciting journey, and Make me a Rockstar has flourished, changing over years from simply being a children’s entertainer at parties to a business that helps children of all ages discover their self-confidence, creativity, and joy in acting, theatre, writing, singing, dance, and all forms of creativity,” Lauren said.

The Journey and Highlights of Make Me a Rockstar

Starting in 2011, Lauren was doing a few performances and events at children’s birthday parties, holding some disco parties and starting to make a name for herself. It was in 2013, when Frozen fever hit Australia that Make me a Rockstar really started to flourish, and she’s been playing the blonde-haired ice-queen ever since.

In July 2014, the first of the Make me a Rockstar school holiday workshops was run, starting with just teaching children to sing. Over the coming workshops however, the program expanded to include song writing, teaching children to play musical instruments and eventually what is now known to be some of their most popular- movie and recording. Make Me a Rockstar started getting rave reviews from participants in the school holiday workshops, and locals in the Sutherland Shire were starting to recommend the creative workshops to their friends. It had started taking off!

Lauren is not just all fun and games, but her big heart shines in what she does as well. In 2015, she released an EP album called Hold On, which supported a friend whose brother had committed suicide. Making the album took six months of hard work and recordings, and is still on Spotify and iTunes today. Lauren tells us she isn’t so good at keeping up with her music; sometimes the business just gets a little too crazy busy! For a few years in there, Lauren also performed at the Leukaemia Light The Night festival in Cronulla, both as Elsa and herself. Busy indeed!

In March 2018, after years of balancing a cleaning job and running the business, Lauren finally made the leap into running the business full time. At the time, she said, “I have too many ideas about how to take the business further, and not enough time to do it. I am making a regular income with weekly classes, vocal students, vacation care programs, local workshops, events, parties, and if I had time I know I could do more. I want to get into voice over work, I would love to do more performing, I want to spread our name more in the functions and special events arena. I am determined that I am not turning back.”

Lauren did not turn back, and achieved more and more over the next couple of years, creating with Loren Wedrien her friend and PA a self-development series for children teaching them about boundaries, self esteem and confidence, healthy emotions, healthy communication and more. Joining in with local networking groups connects Make Me a Rockstar to other local businesses, and things really begin to take off. Before she knows it, she is now in Before and after school and vacation care settings, jetting all around Sydney, and even interstate in QLD. She even ended up winning a pitch your business competition, which gave Lauren the funds to upgrade the movie equipment to take the Movie Parties and workshops to the next level.

Of course, as with all those in the entertainment business, Covid hit hard in 2020 and 2021 as workshops were cancelled, tours interstate were stopped by border closures and, once again, the face of the business changed. Lauren updated the YouTube channel and started making online workshops, guest appearances, and even holding zoom birthday parties, even including a Minion appearance.

Somehow, restrictions eased and the big 10-year birthday bash in the park was a massive success with many families enjoying a massive day out with 25 of their favourite fun characters and free gifts.

Now, as the Covid restrictions ease again, Lauren is delighted to be going back to live, face to face performances and workshops. The next project is the ambitious first time ever 2 Day Creative Conference 4 Kids.

The Future of Make Me a Rockstar

The future is bright for Make Me a Rockstar. In the immediate future, they are putting lots of creative energy into preparing for the 2 Day Creative Conference being held on 13 and 14 April 2022. “It’s like a culmination of everything we’ve done over the past 11 years, as the participants will get to do so many exciting things in the two days of fun. They will write and sing songs with a professional singer / songwriter, act and dance with a professional dancer, write scripts, make props with arts and crafts, and at the end of two fun filled creative days, the participants will put on a performance for their parents and carers.”

More creative conferences, school holiday workshops, and amazing performances will be in the future for Make Me a Rockstar. “We still have so much passion and energy for helping children to find their self-confidence with creative fun. I too was one of them. Really shy as a child, and coming gloriously out of my shell doing drama and music. I hope to see children gain even more confidence and self-esteem by doing our programs. Here’s to another 11 years hopefully! Thanks for being part of the Make Me a Rockstar journey. It is wonderful being able to celebrate 11 years of putting smiles on faces and we can’t wait for the next stage in the journey.”

Well there you have it! Just celebrated 11 years in business is Lauren from Make me a Rockstar, an entertainer extraordinaire who loves bringing passion and fun to whatever she does. I’m sure the 2 Day Creative Conference 4 Kids in April 2022 is going to awesome and a lovely way to celebrate the changes and the journey Make Me a Rockstar has already made.

Written by Hayley Hunkin

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