The Little Freckle Faced Entrepreneur

At such a young age, even then I always knew I wanted to work with kids. I always knew I wanted to write and perform, I always knew I was an entrepreneur. I wanted to be different, to follow my own beaten track. To dance to the rhythm of my own African beat.

How to stay creative

How do you stay creatively motivated? Now, before you say, “I’m not creative!” and dismiss your unique set of amazing skills,Β let’s have a look at this… Do you come up with different solutions? When you see something that needs doing, do...

Celebrating 11 years in business

Make Me a Rockstar Celebrates 11 Years with a New Creative Project There have been giggles, songs, raucous laughter, wardrobe malfunctions, creative solutions, fun, plays, major productions, theatre performances, bright gold light up shoes, and even tears (mostly...

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