Holidays are here, I thought I heard you say? Well yes, holidays are indeed here however they don’t look anything like they should. Starting with another lockdown throughout Sydney which has now stretched all the way up to Queensland as well.

Due to the border closures we were unable to get through the borders to do our vacation cares up North and were looking forward to putting on an additional workshop last Thursday and unfortunately due to the restrictions, all workshops have had to be rescheduled for next holidays.

We wanted to help you by sending through some quick, easy activities for you to be able to do with the children even if you are working from home 🙂

What a fun way to spend a couple of days during this holidays. Children love to build their own volcanoes and they are super easy to make!
All you need are strips of newspaper,, cardboard, PVA glue, water, masking tape, paintbrushes, paint, bi carbonate of soda and vinegar and for a special touch you can even add some food dye to the mix!

Start by laying your cardboard down as this will be your base. Mix 2/3 PVA glue with 1/3 water to create your glue. Cover your strips of newspaper in the glue mixture and wait for the first batch to dry. Once this is dried you will be able to place these together, taping them securely in place in the shape of the volcano making sure that the base is wider than the top. Once this is all secured you can then proceed to add strips of newspaper and glue mix around the outside until it has become approximately 3-4cm thick at least. Let dry overnight.

Children will be able to paint and decorate their volcano and any other ‘landscape’ they wish to add to the base of the volcano. Let Dry overnight. Once you are sure that there are no gaps and this has dried well you are all set for your ‘eruption’!

Take the bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and if you so desire, food dye and place the food dye and bi carbonate of soda in the base of the volcano. Then add the vinegar as the finishing touch and watch it all come to life….

DIY Playdough.

Quick and easy, check out this quick 2 minute video by Sea Lemon. No cook play dough that is super quick and easy to make and will have the kids creating in no time! They can even help make it!


If you’ve got some children who love a bit more of a challenge, then get them to check out these super cool origami dogs…. be careful…. make a cut or fold in the wrong place and you’ll have to start all over again!

Wanting children to get some much needed essential exercise? If you live in a unit or apartment complex with an underground garage, let the children ride their bikes underground… you can sit by and supervise and if that’s not an option if you have a long street or are not far from a local bike track (within 5kms radius) take the children to the bike track or go for a walk while they ride their bikes up and down the street 🙂

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