OOSH Incursions

How long do the workshops go for?

Workshops run 1.5-2 hours depending on the number of children. When over 60 there will be separate workshops. If doing a weekly program, it will run for 45 min to 1.5 hours depending on the number of children. When booking, details will be finalized specific to your centre.

What is the maximum number of children you can take?

Up to 70 children, when over 70, workshops will be split into separate workshops.

What is your price per head? Do you have a minimum?

Packages start from $10 per head, up to $15 per head. The minimum starts at $420.

Birthday Parties/Events

Do you cater for both boys & girls? What characters do you do?

The great thing about A Make me a Rockstar party is both boys and girls love the games and get involved quite quickly. Games such as pass the parcel, musical statues, giant parachute and duck duck goose are so popular with most ages and both boys and girls that they get involved no matter what character it is. We have had multiple parents reflecting afterwards on how much everyone has enjoyed the party. Our aim is to make sure everyone is involved & having fun. Some of our characters include Frozen, Encanto, Spiderman, Batman, prince charming, Superman, Flash, minions, Pirates, Princesses, Barbie, Snow White, Belle, Ariel, Moana, Minions, Alice in Wonderland, Glamour, Wiggles, fairies and our most common Rockstar, Recording and movie green screen parties. Of course we are always open to suggestions as well.

What ages are the parties for?
All party packages can be tailored to suit the specific age group & needs that will be attending the party, so entertainment is suitable for children of all ages. Character themed parties are perfect for children aged 1-6yrs and then our Rockstar, Recording & glamour parties are suitable for older children aged 6-12yrs.
How do the party packages work? Do I pay per child?
Our parties cater up to 19 children with a total price for 1.5 or 2 hour parties, so there is no counting heads. Once you have over 19 children, it is only $5 per child & will require an extra entertainer. We usually recommend 1.5hrs if you are having 10-20 children and 2hrs for more than 20 children.
How long should the party go for? What’s the best day & time for a party?
Parties can range from 1-5 hours, with some extending through to the night depending on the party & ages of the children. This really depends on you. As we typically do 1.5-2 hours it usually works to come 15-30min into the party and then finish with cake before we go.

Many people have different reasons for wanting parties on different days so this is up to you. Saturdays always work well, as the hairspray can stay in for that little bit longer, and you have some time to recover after the party but a Sunday works well too. Sometimes people even choose a Friday afternoon, which works for kids of various ages for different reasons, and we even offer a midweek discount. We also have availability during the week as well for those little ones with pre-school friends. There will always be people who can’t make it, sometimes you have to just make a decision and go with it. The most popular times for booking parties are usually around 11am & 2pm around meals. As mentioned, you need to work out the availability of most guests & what would work around you & your family. Need some more information or have more questions? Receive our Free Party Planning Pack with checklists, ideas and more.

What do we do about food?
Would you like to supply food or just a few snacks? This will also depend on the time of the party. What I suggest is doing a party at 11am before lunch, or after 1pm after lunch to avoid having to provide a full meal. What I normally suggest is a 3 hour party duration, with an entertainer/activities for 1.5-2 hours of that time. To ensure the smooth running of the party, my suggestion is entertainment arrives 15-30min into the party & leaves before/after the cutting of the cake 15-30min before pickup. As mentioned, work out what will work best for you & your family & the children attending. You can do something simple as some fairy bread & cut up fruit & veggies or some hot food plates, it can be as simple as you like. Kids are often having too much fun to worry about eating much anyway.
Do we have to invite the whole class?
This is always a tricky one to navigate. Whether to invite the whole class or just a portion depends primarily on budget & space, and your own families needs. Make me a ROCKSTAR cater for up to 19 kids with just one entertainer & the price doesn’t change. If over 19 kids it is only $5 per head & involves another entertainer. The great thing about having 2 entertainers anyway is that we can run different games at the same time, and it doesn’t matter if you need to cater to different age groups.
Do you have a venue we can come to?
Make me a ROCKSTAR provide mobile party entertainment, so we happily come to you! Whether that’s at your home, community hall, park, restaurant or function centre, whether indoors or outdoors, we can entertain anywhere.
How much space do you need?
If you are having your party at home, don’t stress if you only have a small space available, as we will adapt our entertainment to suit. As a minimum though, we recommend setting aside enough space for the children to sit in a large circle. There are some ways you can make a space bigger or appear smaller. For tips, tricks, checklists and a list of halls, get your FREE Party Planning Pack here.

Having your child’s party at a park, playground or community hall are great options if you don’t want to be left with all cleaning up, however having the party at home is great if you don’t want to be rushed on the day.

When is the best time to serve food?
We usually recommend putting some drinks and snacks out before the entertainment starts, so the children can have something to eat and drink upon arrival. There will also be a short break about half way through the entertainment, usually when doing hairspray and nails, when you can serve something a bit more substantial if desired. If having a longer party with lots of family and friends or you are having your party at a restaurant or function centre, we would recommend the children eat before the entertainer arrives.
What happens if someone has allergies, special needs or there is something to be aware of?
We will only ever hand out lollipops/toys for prizes, so most of the time it is safe to assume that there won’t be any problems with allergies. In our booking form we like to ask to be aware just incase. Lauren comes highly qualified with years of experience in looking after children with special needs and the team are experienced with children of all ages. Please let us know if there is anything to be aware of. We are happy to work around you.
When should we cut the cake?
Depending on the duration of the party, we usually suggest 5-10 minutes before the conclusion of the party. We can sing Happy Birthday & pose for photos with all the children. For a 2-3 hour party, we recommend it at the end, however for a longer party with entertainment coming in the middle it might be better to do it before entertainment leaves. It is up to you, we are happy to work in with you. Before your entertainer leaves the party, be sure to get a group photo. You could always send this out along with the thank you letter as a little memento of your child’s special day.
Where do we hold the party?
The great thing about us is we come to you! To a house, hall, park or whatever location is easiest for you. I have a list of hall locations & details as well, so feel free to ask me & I will send it to you if you don’t have it already. All we need is a table & powerpoint with enough room for the kids to stand around in a circle & that’s usually enough space for us to play in. My experience has shown me that if you have a designated spot, allowing enough room for the amount of kids you have, it is enough room for everyone without having to spread out. On the party planning pack I have also got a map of a hall & the best way to set it up for easy entertaining as well.
What do I need to supply?
We have the pass the parcel sorted, as well as prizes & lollies for your little guests so no need to worry about organising anything for the games. If you wanted something for the kids to take away you could bake cookies or get some small gifts from the discount store or Kmart. We are also able to do lollie bags for you as an extra package. Let me know if you would like more information
What is your Cancellation policy?


Upon recognition of payment and booking form, the event is then confirmed. Should you wish to cancel without reasonable explanation, the fee is as follows:

50% refunded if cancelled 14 days before the event.

No refund if cancelled under 14 days before the party or event.

In the event of illness, foul weather or such unpreventable events, transfer of the date (wherever possible) is permissible.

Make me a Rockstar understands that cancellations are at times unavoidable. As per the most current COVID-19 rules and restriction guidelines, and where sudden changes occur to these, we offer alternative options where permissible.

Option A: Transfer of the event date to a future date.

Option B: Make me a ROCKSTAR can host an outside event, or change to suit

Option C: Make me a Rockstar can host a Zoom event.


Upon recognition of payment and booking form, the booking is confirmed. For cancellation requests made less than 10-weeks but more than 4 weeks prior to the agreed booking date, the 50% will be withheld by Make me a Rockstar. Cancellations equal to or less than 4-weeks prior to the agreed booking date will incur the full payment. For more information on Make me a Rockstar terms & conditions, please visit our website at info@makemearockstar.com.au 

Option A: Transfer of the workshop date to a future date.

Option B: Make me a Rockstar can host an outside workshop, or change workshops to suit

Option C: Make me a ROCKSTAR can host a Zoom workshop, or give you a DIY kit to run one yourself at the centre.

Have you done all the relevant checks?

Make me a Rockstar is registered with the NSW Commission for Children & Young People and all our entertainers have their Working with Children Checks. We are also fully insured $20 million public liability insurance through Duck For Cover.

Need more information?

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