At such a young age, even then I always knew I wanted to work with kids. I always knew I wanted to write and perform, I always knew I was an entrepreneur. I wanted to be different, to follow my own beaten track. To dance to the rhythm of my own African beat. And that's never changed.

I came across something that I wrote a little while ago and thought you would all find a bit humorous. Enjoy a little bit of my journey…

Freckle faced, a little chubby and a twinkle of adventure in her eyes, Lauren Hicks arrived in Australia with her family. Only 9 and a half and the tribal rhythm and the entrepreneur spirit ran deep in her South African veins. The desperate desire to strive for more, to work hard, to be excellent. A deep sense of community and connection ran rampant, and the passion to make a difference drew her to live a life beyond herself, even at a young age.

School was tough, the other kids couldn’t quite understand my accent and what life was like back home.

“If you’re from South Africa why aren’t you black?” They would question.
“Did you have elephants in your backyard?”
“No.. do you have koalas in your tree house?” I would retort back.
The ridicule kept coming.
“Why do you sound so strange?”
“You’re an African bum disease!” and they would laugh.
I would laugh too, I could never quite understand what that one meant. How silly.
“Where’s Africa?”

It seemed like such a distant place to them. Somewhere they had never been and had never heard about.

“My parents moved to Australia to give us a better life”, I tried to explain. I was only young and didn’t quite understand yet how much of a cost that had been. The sacrifice of losing so much. To start again.

We came to Australia, and yet left so much behind. The tribal rhythm ran deep in my blood, and yet I was now an Australian. I was the same, but different. I grew up feeling divided. How could I be both? The struggle of fitting in was fierce and constant.

I used to dream of putting on fun carnivals for my street.
“Don’t be silly Lauren” mum would say. “What about the insurance? It’s too expensive.”
I pleaded with her but she wasn’t budging.
She was teaching me to be practical.
I felt like she was squashing my startup dreams.
But this little dreamer wasn’t going down without a fight.
M & L Beadstacia. If I couldn’t run a street carnival, I could at least do this. We were going to make it big. A few neighbour door knocking visits and we had our first orders and a few sold.
Melissa and I were going straight to the top with our sparkly jewellery.

These bracelets were going to make us lots of dollars!

Before I knew it I was babysitting for half my street, chatting to parents and playing games with the kids. I was dressing up and putting on drama and dance performances for everyone.

Organising events for people to come and watch. Singing and writing poems and songs.

“Come and watch me play keyboard!” I yelled out as I bashed on those tiny keys. I wanted anyone and everyone to see and hear me play and sing, desperate to be heard.

“Come and hear a song I just wrote!” I said with what was left of my little South African accent that had almost transformed overnight into the Australian twang.

At such a young age even then I always knew I wanted to work with kids. I always knew I wanted to write and perform, I always knew I was an entrepreneur. I wanted to be different, to follow my own beaten track. To dance to the rhythm of my own African beat.

And that’s never changed.

I now run Make me a ROCKSTAR, a Children’s Entertainment business. More than running themed parties and workshops, vocal coaching and recording packages I’m promoting confidence, skills, education and an experience children will never forget. Who knew exactly at that time how much this young, passionate, freckle faced kid would now be depositing into the lives of kids.

What a joy it is to see the seeds of my passion come to fruition in my very own business. My passion is to help them see just how unique and amazing they are.

What it is to believe you can actually make a difference.

What it is to be actually doing what I love.

I AM a professional princess after all..even if it is only on the weekends. That dream has never died.

Make me a ROCKSTAR’s vision is to provide “Exciting, educational, encouraging entertainment for all ages.”

As well as themed parties, we also run singing, dancing, drama, instrumental and creative workshops for ages 5 and over. We are also operating in vacation care centres across Sydney and I provide one-on-one mentoring and vocal training after going on to study my Bachelor of Music.

It is an absolute privilege and pleasure to be using my passions to encourage and support kids, helping them to see that anything is possible with hard work, commitment, discipline and passion. I will likely be doing the same thing until I can no longer walk, talk, sing, dance or act properly anymore. They might have to drag me off that stage!

Thank you for considering my application.”

Well there you go, an insight into me hey!

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