Does your child love to write too?

As a young girl I loved to write. I would be up all night until mum would tell me to turn the light off, and even then, I would just grab a black marker & attempt to write in the dark. What I found the next morning was words strewed across the page, but I was still happy because I could see what I wrote. I don’t know about you but I’ve always been creative. And I would have loved an opportunity to express myself..& boy did I try and do that! Getting the opportunity to have my words: whether it be poems, stories or songs was my ultimate inspire and encourage others. That hasn’t changed. I now get to use what I have learnt all these years later to give kids the opportunity to have their words be heard! They have a voice! They ARE creative. They ARE talented. They have everything they need to succeed. We believe in YOU! We believe in your child! We believe in creativity. And we live to Entertain, educate & encourage children of all ages. We hope you are inspired hearing all about us. Now tell us about YOU! Write to Lauren at If you have a story or song to tell, we would love to hear it! I would love to start sharing the songs that your kids write, the sounds that they produce, the creativity that they bring. We would love to hear your heart. Email us today, you may just get a shout out on our Facebook page.

Journal 2015

This is my newest journal. I am finding it really interesting because it has 4 questions that I think are so vital for every person today, helping us to be grateful for all we have.

What made me happy…

What I learnt….

I am grateful for….

Tomorrow I am going to…

I love the perspective.

Do you keep a journal? Would love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to share them with me :)