February Update

Hey everyone!!

I can’t believe February is almost over already!! Has your year been as crazy as ours has been so far? Before we know it, Christmas will be upon us again…ok let’s not go THAT far…but then again, how quickly did Easter promotions come out? Almost before the last fireworks of smoke disappeared!! Time certainly does get away from us sometimes. That’s why we need to treasure the moments we have…

* tear*

Ok before this update turns mushy, I’m going to mooove right along! I trust this finds you well & although crazy, making sure you are having lots of fun! I know we are! We have been enjoying some party action, and I have been doing some recording on the side too, which has been great. If you would like to check it out, feel free to like Lauren Ann Music as I have just launched my new EP called Hold On (Just a small plug, I can’t help it :) haha)

So…updates & deals (I know you are just hanging out for it weren’t you?) I live to not disappoint. Here are some of the happenings..


We are officially launched & off off away…with planning for our upcoming SINGING & SONGWRITING workshop on April 13th. Rachel and I are really excited about what we are going to be doing with the kids. We will be offering option of either a morning or afternoon session (9:30-12:30pm, followed by a showcase or 1:30-4:30pm followed by a showcase). When booking, please let us know your preference. Please note however, it is in a first come, first served basis & sessions may fill up fast so get in quick. Prices due to rise on April 1st.


Only commencing last fortnight, our fortnightly group singing lessons are new to Make me a ROCKSTAR’s activity board. As well as looking at vocal and microphone technique, students will look at music theory, rhythm, trying out percussion instruments for timing & dynamics, work together as an ensemble doing basic harmonies & choral arrangements, play fun musical games. We will be focusing more on musical theatre and this term we are looking at Annie’s Hard Knock Life. This will also lead to a mid year concert. If it’s something your child would be interested in it’s not too late for them to join. It’s low commitment, only $20 for a 45 minute class & is heaps of fun while learning new things & meeting new people.


Make me a ROCKSTAR have combined with incredible musician & teacher Tiffany Ng to provide a mid year concert & workshop for all students. If your child would like to get involved, please contact Lauren now to book your spot. More details to come soon.


We are excited to be recording someone very special in the studio in the next few weeks doing a song from Frozen. Sound Engineer Mark and I are so looking forward to working with her & she has been doing really well in preparation for her new recording. So exciting!! If you would like to get a recording done, with or without lessons with me, pop back in the email & I will send you through some availabilities. Prices are due to rise next month so jump in quick!


It’s Make me a ROCKSTAR’s Birthday this week…& to celebrate, we are giving YOU the presents!! So if anyone books a party this month (subscribers for the month) you will receive FREE face painting and tattoos for up to 15 children! Also if you book a spot in the upcoming Singing & Songwriting workshop, you will receive a special gift from us as well. So exciting!! Happy birthday to us :)

So excited for all that is to come the next few months & hope you get to join us :)

Keep rocking!!